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Harvard University – Online Learning

2цWorld-class university provides the unique opportunity to improve your knowledge in Genetics, Immunology, Data Analysis, Medical Statistics, Public Health etc. from podcast, lectures and fully interactive courses. Free courses are not credential, but after succesful completing of one of them you will receive an electronic certificate. Paid courses provide deeper knowledge of the topic and in most cases you will receive several credits.

Language: All courses are available in English only.

web-site: Online Learning

edX online courses

2уedX is an educational platform that gathered free online courses from well-know world universities and colledges. Using the intuitive menue you will find a wide range of courses in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Public Health, Epidemiology, Statistics and other topics. Most of courses are free, but you will need to pay for certificate.

Language: All courses are available in English only.

web-site: edX courses

Prometheus online courses 

2кUkrainian public project Prometheus gathered free online courses from different areas, such as IT, business, data analysis and others. Medical courses cover some aspects of psychology, social work, biology etc. All courses are taught in Ukrainian universities and are available for free. In case of succesful completing you will receive a certificate.

Language: Ukrainian

web-site: Prometheus online courses

Peoples-uni Open Online Courses

3уThe site has been established by the People’s Open Access Education Initiative (Peoples-uni), registered by the UK Charity Commission, to help build workforce capacity through Open Online Courses, available free for self-study. It hosts courses on Public Health, Epidemiology, Global Health, Ethics and Human Rights. Most of the courses offer a certificate.

Language: All courses are available in English only.

web-site: Peoples-uni Courses