The international scientific community has increased efforts to support Ukrainian researchers. This includes jobs, academic programs, short- and longer-term research positions, funding opportunities, and more. Below are a number of links to help you in your search for opportunities. If you would like help with identifying or applying for an opportunity, please reach out to for help.

  • FEMS (Federation of European Microbiological Societies) introduces support for Early Career Microbiologists caught up in the war in Ukraine.

  • FEBS (The Federation of the European Biochemical Societies) is now offering additional support through its Fellowships programme for scientists in or displaced from Ukraine. New ‘Ukrainian Short-Term Fellowships’ are for active molecular life scientists from Ukraine who have a PhD.

  • The European Commission has established an initiative to support Ukrainian researchers. Researchers can search for opportunities and apply.

  • List of Opportunities: This Google Doc has a list of researchers around the world that have positions to support Ukrainian Researchers. This is a living document on the web.

  • Science for Ukraine: Search and get support on finding opportunities. This includes a map of positions identified through this initiative to support Ukrainian researchers.

  • The University College London (UCL): UCL has an initiative to support Ukrainian Researchers.

  • The Central European University: CEU has an initiative and resources to support Ukrainian Researchers.

  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). First orientation for Ukrainian students and researchers in Germany.

  • In view of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Institut Pasteur in Paris is providing funding to host Ukrainian scientists in its research laboratories.